We Have Lift-Off

As B. and I are fond of saying, “Thundercats are go!” (Thank you Juno, for so many quotable taglines.) We spoke with our breeder last night, and apparently everyone in line is anxious for us to set our pick-up date so that they can in turn set theirs. We have “first pick,” something we were absolutely thrilled with because of the obvious bonus of getting to pick from the full litter of girls instead of only one or two, but it also means, we’ve now realized, that we don’t have too much of an option for when to pick up. Add to this is the fact that our breeder is 4.5 hours away, and you see why we were a bit more limited (weekend scheduling was a must).

So, we’re officially bringing her home on September 26th! Though I like to pretend that we have tons of time, I know that it will be here in a heartbeat. We’re still crate shopping (ever the  bargain hunters, we are), and we’ve yet to get ourselves into the habit of picking up our shoes and putting them away, which I’m sure will come back to haunt us four months from now (knock on wood!).

Whether we want it to or not, time is flying by! – A.


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