Puppy Proofing 101

Today B and I were lounging on the couch, me reviewing our puppy books and him reviewing ESPN. When I came across a list of necessary steps to perform in order to puppy proof your home, we went through the list together and found ourselves…well, see for yourself:

1. Floors clean of loose or small items that could be choking hazards: We scanned our living room. Yikes! We didn’t even bother counting all the things we had lying around that could make for fun, illegal chew toys.

2. Electrical cords hidden out of the way where puppy cannot turn them into her next teething pacifier: Failed again! We both looked up simultaneously from the couch at the exact spot our cables run from behind the entertainment center to the outlets. Hmm.

3. Breakable items out of puppy’s reach: Finally! We couldn’t spot anything breakable we had within a puppy’s reach, which we can probably thank Zoey for. We did have to do a mild amount of kitty-proofing when we welcomed her into our home. Perhaps this was a layover from kitten days?

4. Block off access to forbidden areas: We’re planning to follow the rule of thumb that you do not let your puppy have full reign of the house once she comes home. We’ll be crate training her from the beginning, and using a puppy play pen to keep her confined until she is fully house broken. Another check!

5. Put childproof locks on lower cabinets that contain hazardous household items: We both paused. Seriously? It makes perfect sense, but this point in particular made us both feel (not for the first time) like we really were bringing a child home.

6. Remove or relocate potentially poisonous household plants: Neither one of us thinks of ourselves as very green-thumb oriented, but we do have one plant that sits on the floor. Is it poisonous? We need to find out.

As you can see, we’ve got some more puppy-proofing to complete, and less than a month to do it in! – A.


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