And the dog bed belongs to…the cat

It’s been five days since we casually (read: without knowing what we were getting ourselves into) tossed the dog bed into an open spot in the living room. At first we were just checking out the spot. We weren’t sure where we wanted it, so we figured we’d leave it in one place for a few days, see how it worked, and then move it around if we needed to. In stepped Zoey. Needless to say, the bed hasn’t moved an inch. In fact, neither has Zoey! She has thoroughly and completely adopted it, even going so far as to alter her morning routine to work it in. I can hear her inner dialog now: “Wake up about 2.5 minutes before the alarm goes off, stare at Mom across the room until she gets up and turns the beeping off, play with Mom while she tries to get ready for work, follow her into the kitchen to make sure she feeds me, and then head for the new cushy bed the parental units finally got me (I’ve only been asking forever).”

It’s really quite humorous to see how attached she’s gotten to it, though we also have to wonder what will happen on Sunday when (dun dun dun!) we bring the new addition home. We haven’t figured out whether Zoey will be so thrown off by the whole thing that she’ll relent and give up the bed without protest, or if she’ll get protective of it. You’ll have to stick around and find out with us.

In the meantime, I leave you with this shot, which is the exact position she was in and expression she had on when I arrived home for lunch today. I love how she even brought her soft, pink ball with her! – A.


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