Puppy Arrives Home

What a day! Let’s start at the beginning.

We were supposed to be at the Starbucks down the road at exactly 6:30 am, coffee in hand and out the door a few minutes after that, and on the road. In reality, we didn’t make it to the Starbucks until 6:45, and were on the road some time after that. After an incredibly dry summer, it rained–poured, at times–the entire way to the breeder’s. But the rain was good. Our car needed washing and this managed a lazy man’s fix. We played the iPod and B read Mike Holmes’ new magazine (the article on basement flooring had him really excited. All you engineers out there will relate, I’m sure).  All in all, a good, solid road trip.

About forty minutes away from our destination, B gasped. We’d forgotten our camera. No! How could we? We spent the next ten minutes recounting our footsteps. Yes, we had placed it directly next to my purse last night. Yes, I did remember touching it. A mad search of the car ensued. No camera. We weren’t even parents yet and already we were making mistakes.

And then, B’s keen eyes spotted a Wal-mart, and we veered off course. After a super quick (and I mean quick), we’d purchased a $20 digital camera (they do make such a thing!) and a water bowl for the return trip (another item we realized we’d forgotten). First crisis of puppy parenthood averted! High fives all around, and back on the road.

We arrived on time, military-style, and quite proud of ourselves for it. And then, we met the puppies.

Good gosh they were adorable. And tiny! Oh, so tiny. I think they’d be the equivalent to a young kitten. We spotted the ones we weren’t interested in first–the full-of-energy, let-me-out-of-this-nursery ones, perfect for a family with bouncing kids, but not for us. Instead, we honed in on the quiet ones to the sides, and our breeder immediately suggested one for us. She was the quiet one in the bunch, she said,very “lady like.” At meal time she lets the rest of the litter go wild while she waits patiently for the food. She picked her up, expertly,  I might add, while I felt very fumbly, and placed her in my arms. What a face! I passed her to B, and she looked up at him right in the eyes. We were sold.

We took a bit more time to make sure we weren’t just reacting by the tug of our heartstrings, but no others seemed to draw to us, and that was that.

She made the drive home like a champ, whimpering on and off for the first 40 minutes before settling down and sleeping hard for the rest of the drive. She wasn’t even fazed by the scent of our Wendy’s fries (rural Mississippi has very few options). B and I discussed names, so much so that we got ourselves off course by a good 45  minutes or so. We haven’t settled on a name yet, so that will have to be announced another day.

When we arrived home, puppy was so knocked out that she barely woke when we lifted her from the travel crate and carried her to the house. (Oh, and another surprise: On our front stoop was a wonderful gift from a good friend and work colleague, in the sweetest gift bag you’ve ever seen! Thank you!)

Next was Zoey’s meeting, something I’ve been admittedly stressed about. When I walked in, Zoey ran up to me in her usual fashion for a “Hey, you’re home,” greeting, and it wasn’t until I bent down that she even realized I had another creature in my hands! Once she caught sight of the pup, she froze, and didn’t know what to do. I put the puppy into the playpen (she was still pretty groggy), and Zoey just stood there. She honestly wasn’t sure what to do.  She crept up to the playpen, and she and puppy shared a long, quiet look, before the puppy turned right around and went back to sleep. Well, Zoey didn’t know what to make of that. I could almost hear the thoughts in her head, “What in the world?! She–she ignored ME!”

So here we are, 30 minutes after puppy-home arrival, and we’re beginning the adjustment faze. Puppy is still fast asleep, and Zoey is acting pretty much normal. Now, tomorrow, when the pup is awake and moving around, then we’ll see what the two think of one another! But until then, there’s peace in our little household.


4 responses to “Puppy Arrives Home

  1. JoAnn Weatherly September 27, 2010 at 9:44 am

    Congratulations, A! She’s adorable!!!

  2. mary allen September 27, 2010 at 11:08 am

    She’s beautiful! I thought about you guys yesterday and was hoping you had a good trip. Thanks so much for sharing. And, thanks to you A, I know how to leave a comment!

  3. Mom September 28, 2010 at 7:43 am

    Just loved this!
    So sweet & fun to read!

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