Day 1 Down: Let Parenthood Begin

First off, thank you to everyone for the kind well-wishes! They’re much appreciated.

To catch you up to speed, we’ve decided on a name. As many of you know, we had one in mind previously, but when we brought her home we wanted to think it over before making it official. After brainstorming a list, we finally decided (as we were lying in bed Sunday night), that we still liked our original choice, so Scout it is!

Scout did very well during her first night home. Amazingly, she only woke up twice, once at 12:45 am and again at 4:30 am. Believe me, that was much appreciated, as I came down with a touch of food poisoning from the Wendy’s we had. She didn’t have any accidents in her crate, though the playpen is another story. We’re not letting her have free reign of the house, so when she’s not in the crate or outside or getting a little play time, she’s in the playpen. Since the area of the pen is bigger than the crate, she can have an accident in it if we aren’t watching, and she has had a few so far. It’s all about timing, since her little body basically just goes right when she wakes up, so if we happen to be looking away (say, watching a scene from Hawaii 5-0), we’ll miss it. That will change with time, we think, as her signals get clearer and we learn to watch for them.

Last night was a bit rougher. Beginning at midnight, Scout had to go out every two hours like clockwork. At least she actually did need to go, and wasn’t just trying to play, but the schedule was rougher than the first night. Thank goodness this stage won’t last forever!

We also worked a lot on the whining that she does whenever she’s placed back in the crate after a bathroom trip. It doesn’t take much to wake her up fully, so once we’ve walked down the stairs to the grass and she’s done her business, she’s up and at ’em. Her little tantrums are actually kind of humorous: she throws back her head like a hound dog and lets out this half-howl half-snort sound that cracks B and I up. That said, nobody wants to listen to a howl-snort at two in the morning, so last night I had to turn into a bit of the disciplinarian. Some repeated, loud “Shh!” sounds, and a few NOs, and she would settle down. Maybe after a few more days she’ll settle down without the need to be told to? That’s what I’m looking forward to.

Tomorrow will be our most interesting day yet. I’ll head back to work, and we’ll really start to get her on the real schedule that she’ll keep. Fingers crossed!


Curious about Zoey? She’s been a champ. Though she hasn’t shown any direct interest in Scout since the first night we brought her home, she hasn’t been hiding at all, and is still very friendly to me and B. We think she’s probably convinced herself this odd little creature is an overnight guest who’ll soon be packing her bags and heading to someone else’s pasture. Little does she know…


One response to “Day 1 Down: Let Parenthood Begin

  1. Mom September 29, 2010 at 6:59 am

    She is so cute!!!!!

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