Things We’ve Learned So Far

About Scout:

  1. She has a wonderful combination of eagerness to explore and cautiousness put together.
  2. Loud noises can scare her (like say, from the car that started up right next to us the other day). And when she’s scared, she hides behind her parents, which is really kind of sweet.
  3. If you scratch this one spot on her stomach, her hind legs will start racing in the air full speed.
  4. She prefers to use the bathroom outside. (HOORAY!!!)
  5. When she gets worked up and tries to howl, she throws back her head, but all that comes out is a little snort.
  6. She likes vanilla yogurt. And Wellness treats.
  7. Tug-of-war is fun.
  8. So are bare feet. (Well, the toes.)

About Puppy Parenthood:

  1. If this is your first foray into parenthood, you’re going to feel overwhelmed once you get her home. Even if you’ve anticipated feeling overwhelmed, amp that up a notch or two and you’ll be closer to how it’ll really feel.
  2. The first time they cry because they want their way it’s going to break your heart. B and I watched the clock the first time Scout threw a mini-tantrum. It took her 5 minutes to calm down. At one minute, I said to B, “It’s been one minute.” His response: “Are you serious? Only one?” It might only take a few minutes for her to calm down, but it’s going to feel like forever.
  3. Breathing is important.
  4. So is  a little lot of patience.
  5. In the most dire of times, count the days (or hours) that you have survived. You can survive that amount of time again.

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