Word of the Day, The Office-style

Curious what word you’ll say more than you ever thought humanly possible once  you’ve adopted a puppy? (Unless of course you have children, then this might need to be amplified. All you parents will have to be the judge of that.) Listen to the first few seconds of this Office skit and you’ll know what’s being spoken in our household at a staggering rate right now. They say training is all about reducing the need to use this word…I sure hope they’re right. I’d love to say it less!

In addition to “no,” we’re also working on:

  1. “Leave it,” for the times when you need your dog to understand that we don’t chew on roofing nails, and dear God where did you find a roofing nail??
  2. “Sit.” The ol’ standby.
  3. “Come.” Another standby. Somehow we need to get the point across that “come” does not mean “and please do put your teeth on my fingers when you get here.”

I think that’s it. Of course, Scout is probably picking up on a ton of other things we aren’t aware of. Just the other morning, she discovered that those dried-up worms that end up on the sidewalk after it rains really are quite fun to chew on. (Ew…)

We worked with Scout for a good 30 minutes yesterday night on correcting her nipping. It was a valuable learning experience, for both Scout and B and I. We learned that Scout nips much more toward me than B. We concluded that she must see B as the pack leader and me as more of a litter mate, so she plays harder with me (and thus bites me more). We worked on disciplining this behavior, so now we’ll see what kind of results we get. I’m sure the lesson will have to be repeated, but I’m hoping we made some progress. -A.


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