Scout Goes to the Vet

Yesterday marked Scout’s first visit to our veterinarian. It was also the first longish car ride that she would have since we brought her home, so it was a big day.

We first made sure we had her blanket and her special toy with her (the stuffed dog that she has bonded with as her “litter mate”), as well as a chew toy. We put all this stuff and her into her travel crate, and set off. She cried for the first 3 to 5 minutes, and tried desperately to dig her way out of the crate, but once we hit the interstate (we were trying to avoid the massive traffic backup on the main roads due to an accident), she fell asleep.

The vet’s office was full of tempting new smells. Scout wanted to walk around so badly, but the vet’s office is the last place you want to let your puppy walk around at. This is where really sick animals come, and at 8 weeks Scout is very susceptible to diseases like parvo and distemper. Despite the lack of freedom, she immediately took to the staff, and they loved her right back :) The biggest thing we’ve learned about Scout’s personality is that she is just about the friendliest dog we’ve ever met, and she loves meeting new people.

Her excitement waned a bit once we made it back to the exam room. She didn’t care for the slippery table that she had to stand on, and she whimpered and tried to climb into our arms on a number of occasions. But once the vet came in, she was back to her happy “hey new person!” self.

(Look at those ears! They’re as big as her face!)

B, Scout, and I all loved the veterinarian. He was informative, and spent a long time talking with us about every little detail of Scout’s upbringing thus far. We told him our bathroom schedule, how we were feeding her, discipline methods, and on and on and on. Scout did wonderfully during her exam and getting her shots. The vet said that we were doing everything as he would advise, that he could tell we’d done our share of research, and that Scout was coming along beautifully, very healthy at 7.56 lb., and was actually a little ahead of the curve in the learning arena. (Hooray!)

We left feeling like we’d just gotten our first A+ report card for our preschooler! We’ve been looking for someone to say, “Hey, you’re doing this right. Keep going,” for the past two weeks, and to finally have a pro say all this was a huge boost and will certainly help us get through the times when Scout gets tough. It’s nice to know that when she’s being difficult that we’re being good parents, instead of questioning ourselves. Next check up in three weeks!


2 responses to “Scout Goes to the Vet

  1. Charlotte Good October 15, 2010 at 10:04 am


    I just wanted to say that you write very well and have a very informative blog about your experiences with Scout.

    I think its also fantastic that you are socializing Scout to all different scenarios / environments that’s so crucial to forming a well socialized adult dog!

    All the best,
    Charlotte Good

  2. S October 15, 2010 at 10:32 am

    What a great trip to the vet! Zeno is going on Sunday and hopefully he will have a great time too. You guys are doing a great job =)

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