A Day in the Life of Scout

6:20 am: Wake up! It’s a brand new, fabulous day, and I’m raring to go! I wake Mom up first, since Dad has a miraculous talent of sleeping past my whines until I’m literally jumping in my crate (a rather amazing feat, Mom thinks). Mom is quite jealous of Dad’s sleeping abilities, but she wakes him up to take me out.

6:30 am: Dad and I amble along outside. I do my morning business, play with some leaves, maybe eat some worms if I can get ’em past Dad, and if I’m in the mood, walk on the leash without pulling (much). If I’m not in the mood, I just sit there and stare at him, or I tug on the leash with as much gusto as I can manage, veering in the exact opposite direction Dad wants to go. What can I say, I’m young. I’m still trying my best to train Dad. He doesn’t listen very well.

6:50 am: Back inside for some play time. By now I’m worked up because I know food’s coming.

7:00 am: Breakfast!

7:10 am: Back outside, this time with Mom. Same routine as before, though Mom tries her best to get me to walk around so that I’ll go to the bathroom before she leaves for the day.

7:30 am: Into the crate I go.

10:30 am: Mom comes home. We walk around outside and I get to use the bathroom and stretch my legs. Normally I’m pretty cooperative at this time since I’ve just woken up from a long nap. Mom makes me “sit” by the door before we go back inside. She calls it “manners.” It’s fine with me as long as I get a lamb treat. I haven’t learned yet that when she opens the door I shouldn’t go barging past her like I own the joint. (Wait, I do own the joint, don’t I?)

11:10 am: Back into the crate for a few hours, but this time Mom gives me my peanut butter-stuffed Kong, fresh out of the freezer. Yum!

2:00 pm: Mom’s back! More time outside. Fun! If I’m up for it we may even work on some training.

2:30 pm: And into the crate again. See the cycle? I’m already a pro at it.

4:45 pm: Mom’s home! We go outside first thing so that I can go to the bathroom (whew), and then we walk around before heading back inside for some play time.

5:45 pm: I’m tuckered out. The parents put me in my playpen for some nap time.

6:10 pm: Up and at ’em! It’s almost time for dinner, and I need to go out for a bathroom break and am already getting worked up for food.

6:30 pm: Dinner! Next to breakfast, it’s the most wonderful time of the day.

6:40 pm: Outside time. Bathroom and an attempted walk. If I’m doing well, we make it around the block without my stopping to eat too many worms or sniff everything. (Editorial note: This does not happen often. We blame that hunting nose.)

7:00 pm: Play time inside for a bit, maybe another short dose of training, and then a nap. Dinner is like Thanksgiving. I get tired afterward.

(See that brown blob next to Scout? That’s Queenie, her special “litter mate” stuffed dog. Scout looks like she’s got her arm around her!)

8:00 pm: Up again! Outside (I always have to go after a nap), and then back inside for some play time.

9:00-ish pm: Around now I get sleepy. Normally Mom and Dad put me in the playpen to rest or play quietly by myself.

10:00 pm: Bed time. What a day! Anybody else exhausted?

Editorial note: This schedule does vary daily, depending on the nuances of everyday life, anything from oversleeping to dealing with a leaking bathroom sink. On Tuesdays and Thursdays B arrives home around 1:30, and Scout gets some play time and playpen time. We do not let Scout run around the house yet, so when she’s not in the playpen or crate she is on the thin leash, restricted to the living room rug. She’ll earn more freedom as she becomes housebroken and learns the house rules. Most days she is just fine with this, happy to be out and about. We’ve learned that when she starts tugging on the leash like a maniac, she needs to go out.


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