A Double-Digit Birthday is Here

Today Scout turns 10 weeks old. She capped off her single-digit days with a couple highs:

  1. Sunday night, Scout had her best walk outside yet. Of course, we’d only been bashing on her all weekend for not walking well on a leash (most of the time she plants her butt down and doesn’t want to move). She went and made a complete fool of us, walking almost entirely around the block without needing much cajoling at all. That’ll teach us to rag on her.
  2. Scout has been afraid of the stairs that lead down to the grass since her first day home. She would sometimes make it right up to the edge of the first stair, and just peer down, back legs shaking a bit, before backing up a few feet and planting herself down. At the bottom she was a little braver, but we could only ever get her to go up one, maybe two stairs before she tumbled back down. Last night, she walked right up to the stairs (this after her uber good walk), climbed the first one, and then acted as if she wanted to keep going. We encouraged her and encouraged her. She would put both front paws on a stair, and then I would lift her back legs up, trying to convey to her the right order of operations. By the last three or four steps, she bounded up all by herself! We showered her with praise, and we really were proud of her, knowing how afraid of them she’s been. I’m hoping this will help her begin to brave them more and more, until the stairs are easy peasy.

It’s hard to imagine that Scout is now officially in her double digits. She’ll never be that  single-digit age again. She’s learned a lot in her first four weeks with us, and there are some highlights that I know I’ll remember: the first time I pried open her jaws to see a worm inside and then realizing I was going to have to touch it to get it out; the image of her running/prancing next to me with her mouth full of magnolia leaves (she tries to collect them before shredding them in a million pieces); how she sprouted legs and big puppy paws overnight; the first time she and Zoey touched noses; Scout’s bum hanging out of the cat condo; her little six-week-old puppy howl-snort. It’s been an awe-inspiring, exhausting, sometimes frustrating, sometimes touching, four weeks, and it’s just the beginning.

To close this post, we wanted to offer a new Scout video. A few weekends ago it was warm enough for us to fill up the wading pool on our balcony and let Scout play in it. We wanted to introduce her to water before winter comes, so that she won’t experience it for the first time next spring. It took a few tries to get her to want to get in, but she kept coming back to it!


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