It Takes a Village

When you’re struggling with an issue, there’s nothing better than finding solace in like-minded company. I stumbled upon a website yesterday called, and they have an active forum that has lots of tips for nipping. It’s always nice to hear that something that feels insurmountable actually isn’t. I especially liked this tip from someone, which was then echoed by many:

-when puppy bites, immediately grab the lower jaw with thumb on tongue and fingers underneath.
gently give a little shake and say “no” or “no bite”
– release and offer your hand; if they bite again, repeat; if they don’t praise them up and down!
It was never done harshly or violently, but sure got the point across!

Maybe we’ll give it a shot with Scout.I’m up for anything!

So that I’m not just completely bashing Scout, I should mention that B and I started real leash training yesterday and introduced the Heel command. Scout will do anything for food, so we taught her using bits of kibble. She took to it really quickly. What we did was to get her attention so that she was looking at us, say, “Scout, Heel!” and then walk a few feet. When she walked calmly with a loose leash beside us, we told her, “Good girl,” and gave her a piece of kibble. Then we repeated. It was slow going, but this is hard mental exercise, and at Scout’s age she can only really do about 15 minutes of exercise anyway. (We factor 5 minutes of exercise per month of age. Scout’s a bit ahead at 15 minutes.) Now it’s all up to repetition and eventually weaning off the treats. Maybe in a week or so she’ll be walking with us!


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