Puppy Growth is a Wonder to Behold

We weighed Scout last night. Or rather, we weighed me, then I held Scout and we reweighed to see the difference. Since she was last weighed on Oct. 14th (7.56 lb.), Scout has gained 3.44 lb. She’s 11 lb. now. She no longer fits as well in places she used to love to burrow herself into:

1. Under the coffee table:

2. Between the slats of wood on the DVD shelf:

But there is a benefit. She can now reach inside her toy basket, a previously unaccomplished goal.

Though getting out of the box without it falling over is still a challenge.

Zoey, in the meantime, is now outweighed. We haven’t spoken much about Zoey and Scout, and I think that’s probably because they’ve been doing so well together. Scout really wants to play, but each time she hones in on Zoey we say the command “Leave it!” and Scout will let Zoey pass without incident (95% of the time). Zoey actually likes to torture Scout to some extent, laying just out of her reach and rolling around on the rug, giving Scout googly eyes. Maybe one day they’ll curl up for a nap together?


One response to “Puppy Growth is a Wonder to Behold

  1. Lauren + Adam October 28, 2010 at 8:49 am

    We’re loving these picture-heavy posts. Adorable!!!! We were shocked how quickly kitties grow, too. Pinot has more than doubled in size since we brought him home!

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