Zoey’s Corner 5

Poor Mom and Dad. They really are so gullible. I’ve been doing so well with the kid, they tell people. They’re so proud of me. As they should be! I’ve shown more patience in the past month than any cat of my stature should ever have to. Why, just today the little thing had the audacity to chomp down on my orange ball–MY being the operative word. You know what I did? Nothing. I stayed right where I was ( I’d already invested a good hour or so getting my spot on the couch properly warmed), and just let Mom handle it. But believe me, I took note.

And the other night, when the kid was in her play pen, I went and sat directly on the other side of the pen, and the thing thought I was actually trying to play with it. Can you imagine? She kept trying to toss me her stuffed pig through the gate! Of course, the parental units loved  it. They just couldn’t get to the camera in time. (I moved right as they reached for it. I know, I entertain myself, too.)

Little do they know, that while I sit here and play along with such piddly games, pretending to have patience they never thought I was capable of, my mind is at work, plotting. You’ll see, Mom and Dad. You just wait and see.


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