You Can Keep the Rain, I’ll Take the Sunshine

I came across this quote today, and thought it aptly applied to yesterday’s post.

For a dog, the world is an ever-expanding carnival of mysteries. Every new experience enchants, and every morning is full of promise. – Dean Koontz, A Big Little Life

A new side of Scout emerged last night. It has been raining on and off here for the past two days, sometimes drizzling and and sometimes pouring. At ten o’clock last night,  I walked Scout outside to use the bathroom one last time before bed. Upon arriving just before the grass, Scout sat down on the wet concrete and refused to budge. “Go out,” I said to her over and over, her cue to use the bathroom. She knew it was bedtime, and she knew it would be a while  before she would be back out. But Scout refused. Then, she did something that surprised me. She stood up, squatted, and peed right there on the sidewalk. Then she turned on a dime and marched right back up the stairs.

Scout apparently doesn’t care for soggy, wet grass.


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