At 11 Weeks, a Touch of Shyness

Scout had her third set of shots yesterday. She has become comfortable riding in the car through the little outings we take her on: trips to the pet store, random errands, the drive-through for milkshakes (we especially like these trips). Last night, she went right to sleep, snoring up a storm in the back seat.

Once again, she loved the nurses at the vet’s office. She sniffed every inch of the exam room before finding a sticker attached to the leg of a chair. This fascinated her, and she spent a good deal of time trying to lick the sticker free.

But when it was time for her exam, she grew shy. Dr. C, our vet, mentioned that he’d noticed this during her first appointment (those trained vet eyes…I never noticed a thing). She’s perfectly content to be loved on by  him, but as soon as he starts to poke and prod, Scout tries to hide her face in the crooks of our arms. It’s completely endearing to me.

She’s clean as a whistle, they declared, and at 12.8 pounds, growing like a weed. Her legs are long, gangling things she sometimes trips over, her paws look mammoth, her ears the size of personal-pan pizza slices. Dr. C is quite pleased with her progress, and so are we.

He thinks she’ll outgrow her nipping, with time and consistent correction. We’ve had some luck, accidental on our part, with the Ouch! method this week. Once, she nipped my thigh while I was engrossed in the TV, which made me jump and yelp for real. It didn’t hurt, but it surprised me. She sat back, ears laid against her head, and looked at me with an expression like, “Goodness! You are sensitive, aren’t you?” Other times though, she’s scratched my hands with those dagger baby teeth of hers. It’s a work in progress.

We  haven’t been able to snap too many successful photos of her this week. She’s discovered the camera and is fascinated by it, which makes taking a photo of anything but a portrait shot of her nostrils difficult. That shyness she showed at the vet’s is not apparent at home, where Scout is perfectly at ease, full of happy energy and bouncing play.


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