I Am Scout, Hear Me Roar

“But Mom, I don’t wanna.”

If Scout could talk, this is what I imagine her saying more often than not. Getting Scout to walk in the morning before breakfast is like trying to enjoy a root canal. She will gladly go outside to use the bathroom, but then wham! That bottom plants itself on the ground and there’s no moving it.This is far less enjoyable now that it’s cold outside in the mornings.

It takes almost 20 minutes to walk three-quarters around the block. Scout knows all the different routes home, and she sprints full tilt toward whichever path is closest. It’s only after we’ve passed all available homeward-bound routes that she’ll actually walk, and then it’s suddenly a full-on jog the rest of the way home. By the time we make it back to the house I’m mentally exhausted, and she’s just waking up.

Another “problem” we’re currently working through is Scout’s new-found bark. She is loving this new form of communication and has fully embraced it. She barks now when she needs to go out, instead of the little whine she used to do. And this morning she woke us up with a single, loud rruff!! It surprised me so much I sat straight up in bed. Our neighbors below us cannot be pleased. But how do we discourage Scout from barking except at the appropriate time? Will she outgrow it? We’re hoping so.


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