And Puppy Makes…Five?

We didn’t want to say anything till we knew how it turned out, but there was another reason this week was so hard on us.

Tuesday night while we were out walking Scout, a kitten appeared. He was as cute as could be, and not afraid of Scout at all. He followed us around the block, and when we started to walk away, he began to cry. It was cold out, so after a lot of deliberation, we decided to let him sleep in our bathroom for the night. Much to our surprise, he let me scoop him right up, and carry him up the stairs. We kept him in the cat carrier in the  bathroom with the doors closed all night. He didn’t make a peep. Whenever we went into the bathroom, he just purred and purred.

We were really worried about he and Zoey coming into contact with one another, since we didn’t know what the kitten had been exposed to, but once we had him we couldn’t just turn him loose. We let him out of the carrier into the bathroom, provided him food and water, and then bundled up towels at the edge of the door so that he and Zoey couldn’t come into contact with one another.

Then the real madness began. We spent the next two days frantically trying to find someone who could take him. Every shelter in the vicinity was chock full and refused him, and the only place that was an option couldn’t promise us that he wouldn’t be euthanized, which I was highly against since he was just a kitten and was seriously sweet. We posted signs, ads online in the paper, and called every person under the sun.

Just when it seemed that we’d have no choice but to let the little guy fend for himself, a man called last night and asked if he was still available. After two stressful days, we found the kitten a happy forever home with a family that has three growing boys to keep him entertained. We really liked him, and thought he would be a great cat, but with Scout…it would have been way too much for us. We were thrilled to find him a home.

A happy ending for a stressful week.

All that and I forgot to mention how the girls reacted! Zoey was furious. She refused to sleep with us until last night, once the kitten was gone. Scout could have cared less. Give her a peanut-butter Kong and her world is good. Lol!


2 responses to “And Puppy Makes…Five?

  1. S November 13, 2010 at 7:12 am

    Awww what a sweetheart! He is such a cute little fella. You guys were really kind to take him in. Hope he has found a good home, though part of me was hoping you’d taken the plunge and kept him! I hope the kitty is now in a good home =)

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