Pesky Stairs No More

This weekend was big. Right up there next to learning to go up and down the curbs of the sidewalk, which was a huge deal, too. But nothing compared to Sunday, when Scout fully conquered the stairs. She’s been able to go up the stairs for about two weeks now, but down was another matter entirely. It was the first time Scout had expressed genuine “I am NOT doing that” kind of fear, and we’ve tried a few tricks to help her, but even our trusty lamb treats could coax her down them.

Finally, this past week. we started to carry her halfway down and then set her on the stairs. She would walk the rest of the way. We slowly started setting her down further and further up the stairs, until we were just setting her down on the very top step, and she would walk all the way down. Still, she wouldn’t walk near the staircase.We’ve have to carry her the few feet from the front door to the stairs, and she’s getting heavier by the day.

So on Sunday we decided we weren’t going to carry her any longer. She was going to have to conquer this thing, because I wasn’t going to be able to pick her up much longer! I explained this to her very calmly (yes, I talk to her. I explained the entire process of making chili last night. For those who are curious, I make this recipe. Scout is a very good listener. She cocks her head to the side as if she’s really trying hard to decipher what I’m saying). But I digress. Anyway, Scout sat there for a few minutes, just looking at the stairs intently, and then she popped up, walked over, and marched herself down the stairs! I was so proud.

Of course, now she barges down the stairs at will, so we can no longer let go of her leash once we’re on the landing and know that she won’t take off. Dang it. We didn’t anticipate that side of things!


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