What Did You Call Me?

About how long does it take to come up with a slew of nicknames for your pets? Oh, about a week. By the time Scout was 7 weeks old we’d already come up with the main nickname we call her. Below, a list. And just to be fair, we’ve included Zoey’s, too.


Scout’s Many Nicknames

1. Scoutimous Maximous: This one needs some explanation. It started when we were watching Gladiator one day when Scout was 7 weeks old. It’s a play on Russell Crowe’s character, Maximous Desmirous Meridious…remember the line, “My name is Maximous Desmirous Meridious. Commander to the Legion Army, father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife, and I will have my revenge, in this life or the next.” Or something like that :) B has always loved that line and quoted it often, so it was only natural that while watching that scene in the movie…wham! Out popped Scout’s most-used nickname. We often recite the entire bit, replacing his name with hers :) We know. We’re such dorks.

2. Scout-licious.
3. Scouters.
4. Little Bit.
5. Little Sh**. (For those times when, you know, it’s appropriate.) ;)

Zoey’s Many Nicknames

1. Schit-Zo: A play on schizophrenia. For when she’s acting, well, a little off her rocker.
2. Zo Zo: Probably her most common nickname.
3. Zo-licious.

Zoey has actually been called more than this, but over the years it’s been whittled down these top three contenders.


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