Looking for a new Spokesperson, Gatoraid?

At 14 weeks, Scout is as active as she’s ever been. We’ve upped the number and length of the walks we take her on. She’s learned to love her walks for the most part (at the end of the day, she’s not really in the mood, but we make her because we know she needs to get the energy out). She carries the leash in her mouth, which is absolutely adorable, and trots beside us, her tail bouncing back and forth happily. Then she sees another dog, or a jogger, or a leaf blows just so in the wind, and all composure is lost. Still,  it’s a marked improvement over where we started when it came to walks.

What a pose.

We’ve also introduced her to the tennis courts near where we live. We can let her off leash and let her roam freely, which she has quickly learned to love. Trouble is, we can’t really just let her go. Scout will eat anything, so the acorns that the wind blows onto the court are a fine after-dinner snack, except when she eats too many and pukes later (lesson learned). So, we have to follow her around, scooping things out of her mouth. She does get her exercise though, seeing as she’s learned to run away from us with whatever is in her mouth. What a sight we must be, chasing a bouncing red puppy around a tennis court at 7 at night…”Here, Scout! Come! No, Scout! Leave it! LEAVE IT!” You can picture it easily enough, I’m sure.

The funniest thing has to be that while other dogs come to the courts to search for stray tennis balls, Scout comes for another reason entirely: Gatoraid bottles. That’s right, she loves them. Scout could care less about fetching a tennis ball, but throw a Gatoraid bottle and she’s after it at lightening speed. Of course, she doesn’t want to give it back to us, so again, we have to chase her around and around the court. Let’s just say that Mom and Dad are getting their exercise, too.


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