A Puppy’s First Thanksgiving

We arrived home last night after visiting with family for Thanksgiving. Not only was this Scout’s first Thanksgiving, but it was also her first time sleeping in another person’s house, her first full-fledged road trip since we brought her home for the first time (at 6.5 hours one way, no less), and her first time having to deal with the back and forth of the holidays.

We stayed at B’s parent’s house, which is a solid 30 minutes outside town. So each day we’d pack Scout up in her travel crate, pack her regular crate and a few toys, and lug her over to B’s sister’s house, which is closer in town. This way, we could get Scout settled and then have the freedom to go shopping without having to drive a full 30 minutes back to the main house every 3.5 hours to let Scout out. Yes, it took quite a  bit of coordinating. But this is the only year we’ll have to do this. Next year Scout will be old enough that we can just leave her at B’s parent’s house and she’ll be fine.

Scout had plenty to do while we were visiting family. B’s sister, M, has a chihuahua-dachshund mix named Edward, and B’s parent’s have a chocolate lab-hound mix named Dixie. The three of them became fast friends. Edward is small, and Scout really enjoyed playing with a dog closer to her own size. (All the dogs in our neighborhood are larger breeds.) We managed to snag some sweet photos before the trip was over.

Dixie is a really sweet dog, and was very gentle with Scout despite begin so much larger than her.

Soon Scout will be much larger than Edward, but for now they were equally matched :)

And what visit to the grandparents’ casa would be complete without being allowed to chew on some previously forbidden objects? Scout isn’t allowed to have people-food at our home, but at B’s parents’ she managed to finagle Texas toast and sweet potato casserole from her Grandma L. What are grandparents for if not to spoil?


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