One Challenge Begets Another

It’s funny how things in puppyhood seem to move in waves. Scout was an angel last night, which I’m thinking will mean she’ll be a little terror tonight (fingers crossed that I’m wrong!).

The nipping wave seems to have passed for the most part. Scout might have a mood where she puts my hand in her mouth, but it’s more that she just wants to say, in dog language, “I like you” rather than “Holy cow my gums hurt! Give me your hand!” She seems to have grown out of it on her own, in combination with a steady stream of “No bite” commands.

Replacing the nipping challenge is the jumping challenge. Scout seems to think that she must jump up onto us whenever she’d like attention or is curious as to what’s happening above her line of sight. This, like nipping, seems like something that will take time to unlearn.

Zoey is another challenge. Zoey does not stand up to Scout. Instead, she runs away when Scout ventures too close, which makes Scout inevitably chase her. This ends up with me on the floor, skinned knees dragging across the carpet with Scout’s tail in my hand, shouting, “No chase! No, Scout! No!” Scout doesn’t seem to understand very well. After all, chasing is mainly how she plays with other dogs. Why wouldn’t her cat-sister want to play the same way? Zoey doesn’t help, though. If she would just give Scout a firm pop on the head, as B’s parents’ cat did, Scout would learn fast and keep her distance.

I’m afraid this is a lesson Zoey is going to have to teach Scout, not us.


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