A Final Vet Visit, At Least For a Few Months

So last night was Scout’s final round of vaccinations. The vet techs cooed over her as always (one even threatened to kidnap her!). Of course Scout obliged with some cute puppy faces and licks.

Each time Scout gets her shots, Dr. C. puts a treat in front of her to keep her busy and distracted while she gets the shot. At every previous visit, Scout was totally consumed with the treat, but last night she gobbled it down in one gulp and was very aware of the shot. I suppose a little bit of that puppy naivete is wearing off.

Dr. C. said that Scout is actually growing a little faster than he would like; she weighed in last night at 21.8 lb. So we’ve decreased her food by 1/2 cup a day. I doubt Scout will notice–she’s hungry 24/7!


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