Baby Teeth and Throw-up

This past weekend was eventful for Scout. Saturday morning we were woken at 5 a.m. to a bout of vomiting. As I was cleaning off her blanket, I noticed something odd. Scout had thrown up three  bits of kibble (which she promptly re-ate. Ew.), and what we think is a carpet nail:

I’m not clear what the lump of orange mush is on the left (half-digested carpet fibers?),  but that’s a piece of metal on the right. We watched her closely throughout Saturday, but all of her bowels were normal, not bloody, and she acted perfectly normal. B even gave her a nice doctor-like belly exam (really just a deep tissue-belly rub) :) and she was fine.

We spent the rest of Saturday cooking up a storm for our Thanksgiving dinner that we made for ourselves (otherwise we don’t get leftovers to enjoy!), and Scout was very well behaved. This is her watching while I cook, with Queenie of course:

Sunday morning brought a new event as well. It was my morning to walk her, so we promptly rose at 6:15 and headed out into the frigid morning air. We’d noticed that in the last few days Scout had shown particular interest in her Nyla bone, a toy she’s all but ignored in prior weeks. When we returned from our walk, she went straight to it, and I noticed that her mouth looked odd. Lo and behold, our little girl has, at some point, lost two baby teeth!

“Scout, can I take a picture of the inside of your mouth? What’s that? No?”

Yes, puppies lose their baby teeth, all of them, just like a human child. I still remember when she was just getting the baby teeth, much less losing them. She is teething like mad right now, and little moments of defiance are popping up, a precursor to the full-blown adolescent rebellion to come. (Yay.) But overall, Scout has been a wonderful puppy. Her two missing teeth are a visible symbol of how quickly she’s growing up. Soon, she won’t be a little bundle of bouncing red fur, but a much bigger bundle, which much more energy!


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