Baby It’s Cold Outside

Yesterday, B and I checked out a boarding/training facility that had been highly recommended to us through a friend of a friend. We’re planning to visit friends over New Year’s, and it’s a pretty long drive for Scout to make (and, we just wanted a mini vacation from parenthood. B wants to sleep past 6:15 for the first time since September).

I’m not going to have my creature comforts everywhere I go.

So we made the rather long drive out to the boarder’s place. We immediately liked him and his son, who works with him, and the kennels were all very clean and the dogs friendly. Scout would be able to bring her blanket and Queenie (can’t you picture her carrying Queenie around the kennel’s play area. Haha).

The one thing that we’re struggling with is this: the kennels are all outside. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Some dogs live their entire lives, even in winter, outdoors. And we don’t have a problem with that. We believe that some dogs are completely and totally happy living outdoors, and why keep them from their bliss? But Scout…well, Scout loves the outdoors. Some afternoons all she wants is to lay in the grass and roll around in the sunshine. But to sleep out there in the middle of winter while we have an unusual cold spell for our area? Scout doesn’t even like to pee outside in the rain!

Hmm. Now, before you scream, “Hello! The answer’s right in front of you!”, let me just complicate matters a touch. The kennels are basically something you would see at any other shelter or boarding place, rectangular rooms with cement walls halfway up and the the rest of the wall made of fencing. They do, however, provide a little dog house in the back of the kennel, and the dog house is heated. That’s right. Heated.

So here’s something like how our thoughts are going:

Voice #1: Well, the doghouse is heated, so if she got cold she could just go sit inside and be fine.

Voice #2: Yeah, but Scout has never slept anywhere but at our sides since we brought her home. Never.

Voice #1: But how would other boarding places compare? Won’t they all be outdoors?

Voice #2: I don’t know. I think there are some that are solely indoors, but you have to pay more.

Voice #1: Hmm. I’m cheap. But this is my baby we’re talking about.

Voice #2: *Nods*

Voice #1: How do you think Scout will like sleeping outside?

Voice #2: Either way she’s not going to understand what’s going on.

Voice #1: I don’t know what to do.

Voice #2: Neither do I.

So it was after just such a  conversation that we decided to spent today checking out other boarding places in our area so that we can compare. We really liked the people at this place, and that’s what keeps us coming back to it. No matter what, we know Scout would survive and be safe, and that’s the important thing. I know, I know, we’ve become those kinds of parents.*

Can you blame us? We’re attached.

*The overprotective kind, to clarify.


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