One of Those Days…

…or weeks, rather. I know we haven’t blogged much, but things haven’t quite gone as planned this week. To start, I was in a pretty bad car accident Tuesday night (I’m fine!), but now B and I have both come down with quite the head cold. Here’s hoping we’re back to top form by Christmas!

A little something to make up for our absence:

Weird looking photo, huh? Scout has oodles of extra skin, as shown above. Her vet says she’ll grow into it. I find it hilarious that she grows skin faster than she can fill it up. How odd!


One response to “One of Those Days…

  1. According to Gus December 19, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    Yikes…a car accident! So glad you’re okay! Head colds are the worst, so hope it clears up for the holidays!

    LOVE this photo! We were always so amazed by Gus’s extra skin when he was a puppy. Enjoy your puppy time…it goes SO fast :)

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