Scout’s Stomach, Digested

Uh, what are you doing, cousin Edward?

In honor of Scout’s first holiday season, we thought we’d catalog what all she managed to eat over the course of the last five days. Each of these moments reminded us that while British labs may be calmer than American labs, they can still eat like any ol’ lab! Enjoy.

  1. Bird seed. A lot of bird seed.
  2. Gift tags…still in the plastic wrapping.
  3. Chocolate-covered almonds.
  4. Candy wrappers.
  5. Styrofoam decorations.
  6. Fake flowers.
  7. Fake flower stems.
  8. Fake flower leaves.
  9. A wood piece that had fallen off from the side of a step stool.
  10. Receipts.
  11. Ornaments.
  12. Plastic cups.
  13. Plastic bowls.
  14. Styrofoam bowls.
  15. Random trash.
  16. A to-go container.
  17. A plastic jar of peanuts.
  18. An empty box of Rice Chex.
  19. An empty jar of apple butter.

She also attempted to steal a pair of my father-in-law’s gardening gloves, but she dropped them when we told her to. She was just relocating them ;)

And here’s what Grandma L snuck to Scout while we pretended we weren’t looking:

  1. Potatoes (from Shrimp Boil).
  2. Duck tenders (treats).
  3. Bacon.
  4. Kibble.

When we got home, Scout was sure that she deserved a duck tender just for walking in the door. You should have seen her face. You could almost hear her, “But Grandma would give me one!”


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