Are You Going to Finish That Kibble?

One of the first things the A family told us after Scout’s stay with them over New Year’s was how food driven she was. Their lab, Emmie, was previously the most food-obsessed dog they had ever met. In the four days she was there, Scout gave Emmie a run for her money.

The A family has the same mealtime routine that we do: Emmie sits and waits while they prep the food and change out the water for fresh, and then they tell Emmie the “release” word and she gets to eat. She can’t eat until they say the release word, “Okay.” (Consequently, the kids sometimes have fun taunting Emmie by saying things like, “Oooooo—kkkkk—lahoma!” Lol. Emmie is such a good dog that she won’t eat until they say the exact word. “Okay!”)

So anyway, we’ve taught Scout to do the same routine, even using “okay” as her release word. It was probably the easiest thing we’ve taught her. She literally picked it up after the first try. That’s how food driven Scout is. We keep Scout’s food bag in the pantry (which I think she figured out within a week of being home), and while we prep her food bowl she practically does jumping jacks in the kitchen. It’s awesome (B hates it, I think). Or maybe she’s more like a jumping Mexican bean or something. You get the visual. She gets excited by the prospect of breakfast or dinner. Really excited.

Now to the humorous part. So the A family was busy prepping Emmie’s food one night, when they turn around and, lo and behold, Scout was halfway down Emmie’s food bucket so far they couldn’t even see her head. The thing is: she was too short to reach the food! So there’s Scout, dangling with her puppy tummy over the side of the bucket, trying desperately to reach the food below. Can’t you just imagine the torture it must have been?

Lol. You have got to love puppy enthusiasm.


One response to “Are You Going to Finish That Kibble?

  1. camille January 19, 2011 at 9:20 am

    HA! So adorable!

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