Snowed In

I really wasn’t fibbing when I said it doesn’t snow much where we live. Or at least, it wasn’t supposed to! This is our second storm this winter. Scout slipped and slid across the ice-covered snow when we took her out this morning. There isn’t much melting going on, so we’re inside where it’s warm and dry.

Scout and I began our morning by watching the documentary Babies, which we both enjoyed. Scout was fascinated each time the babies cried. (She was also kinda sleepy, as you can see.)

And now it’s time for an afternoon nap! We gave Scout her bed back Friday night, and thus far (knock on wood), she has not wet it yet. I “claimed” the bed before I gave it to her, holding it to my chest and not letting her have it. Then I sat on it for a while and didn’t let her on it, and then I asked Scout to join me on the bed. I’m hoping that this technique showed Scout that the bed was mine and I’m letting her use it, and that it’s not for bathroom breaks ;)


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