Welcome to the Iditarod

We have started to call Scout’s walking technique “mush mode.” If we wore skates, she would pull us around the block and back to the front door without breaking a sweat. We joke we could clock her at 20 mph. It’s even been abnormally cold here, so we’ve got the snow to match!

Of course, since we’re not wearing skates, it isn’t as much fun for us as we joke that it could be. In fact, it’s killing my back. The thing is, if we tell Scout to stop and sit, she will, and then she licks our hands like mad and does this little dancing jig–the dog is downright happy to be yanking us down the road. She thinks this is just plain fun. And I’m glad she’s enjoying herself, but we’ve got to find a middle ground.

Photo courtesy Iditarod Blog.


2 responses to “Welcome to the Iditarod

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