Scout Comes Home

We picked Scout up at 4 p.m. today. She was very excited to see us. As she walked out of the back room, she piddled a little bit on the ground. We chalked it up to excitement and didn’t think anything more. B carried her to the car, and we went on our way.

We had not gone but a minute before Scout let out the WORST.HOWL.EVER. It might be the most pitiful noise I’ve ever heard. I looked back at her, thinking, “You cannot seriously be sad to leave the vet’s office!” when I realized what had happened. Scout had wet herself inside her travel crate. The poor dog had refused to use the bathroom in her kennel at the vet’s office (all that lady-like sensibility the breeder told us she had has turned out to be true!), and she just couldn’t hold it any longer. We pulled over and took her out, and I held onto her as B cleaned the travel crate and broke it down to put it in the trunk.

Scout rode the rest of the way home in my lap, which I think she was perfectly happy about. When we came home, I sat down on the living room floor, and Scout curled up in my lab and went right to sleep. (I took pictures with my cell  phone, and now have to figure out how to get them off and up here.) Zoey even came over and sat with us, sniffing Scout and pawing at my leg. Perhaps she could sense that her puppy sister has been through an ordeal and was feeling under the weather? Scout was so tired that she did not even wake up for dinner, and didn’t eat until an hour past her usual 5 o’clock dinnertime. That’s a feat!

So, post-op details: Scout did very well. She lost a baby tooth when they intibated her, but everything else went just as planned. She has to go back in ten days to remove the staples, and until then we have to do our best to keep her calm and lazy (we’ll see how that goes). She cannot go on walks  or play with her dog friends, so we’ll have to do our best to satisfy her puppy energy in other ways. I still haven’t quite figured out how to do that, but we’ll let you know what happens. Scout will get a pain pill with breakfast and dinner for the next few days, and we’ll keep an eye out for swelling and any discharge from the sight of the surgery.

I can’t wait to get her staples removed. I hate looking at them! I could never be a doctor I suppose :) I imagine no parent likes to see such things in their children, pet or human. How did everyone else’s spay/neuter experiences go?


One response to “Scout Comes Home

  1. According to Gus January 21, 2011 at 10:39 am

    So glad to hear she’s home and doing well. We were a wreck when we had to take Gus in for his surgery and so paranoid after we brought him home. All he wanted to do was jump around and play…typical puppy behavior. Good lucky keeping her still…that’s the hardest part!

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