Those Teeth…They Hurt

This is Scout’s toy box, the one she likes to empty all over the living room floor.

This is Scout’s toy box now:

Notice the handle has received some…love. See:

Today we figured out why Scout has been dumping her toys out of the toy box. We just thought it was fun for her to climb inside the box, but today we realized that once in the box, Scout was hanging her head over the side and chewing the daylights out of the handle. See the discoloration? Yeah, that’s blood.

Did we mention she’s teething?

PS: Um, any ideas how to get that blood out now? We can’t wash the box, since the inside cardboard isn’t removable. It never occurred to us that we’d need to wash it when we bought it!


One response to “Those Teeth…They Hurt

  1. According to Gus January 24, 2011 at 8:26 am

    Awww…that’s such a cute toy box! Hmmm…it might be hard to clean that if she likes to chew on it. I was going to suggest Shout wipes, but it’d be hard to rinse off. Method is a brand we love that is non-toxic. They might have something for stains?

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