Oh Yeah, It Happened

Of course it wouldn’t go smoothly. How could it? Then we wouldn’t have anything to write about on this blog, now would we?

B and I have been quite diligent about keeping Scout as mellow as possible over the past few days. We have tried our best to prevent her from running, discouraged her from playing fetch, and spent a large amount of time sitting/laying on the floor with her dozing in our laps (the easiest way to keep her still, guaranteed).

Still, after all our efforts, complications have arisen. When we brought Scout home and examined her staples for the first time, we noticed that the staple at the very top of her incision was crooked. Meaning, one side was just barely in, while the other side was a bit too far over. We cringed, and vowed to keep a close eye on it. We checked the staples a few times each day, and all was well.

Until yesterday. While watching the Steelers-Jets game, we noticed it: That wayward top staple had come out on one side. It was no longer performing its intended duty.  Scout did not appear to even notice, but instead continued to enjoy the tummy-loving she was receiving while we examined her.

So I called the vet’s office and left them a message explaining, and asking what to do. Scout has actually been really good about leaving the staples alone, but she loves to stretch out on the ground and “waddle” forward toward people in a kind of mock Army crawl, tail wagging furiously as she begs for lovin’.  This action, we figure,  is the culprit, since she does it no less than three times a day.  She must have rubbed her tummy one too many times, and that wayward staple just popped right out.

So I left a message for the vet, and we put Scout to bed, silently praying she wouldn’t touch the hanging staple while we slept.

Well, this morning the staple was gone. I haven’t gone through Scout’s bedding to see if it’s in there, but it’s either a) buried in Scout’s blanket, or b) in Scout’s stomach. I’m in no rush to solve that mystery, because this morning brought a new surprise: A second staple, the one directly below the first one, is now unhooked on one side. “Are you kidding me?” I said when I noticed. Thank GOODNESS Scout’s tummy has already scabbed up, or I’m not sure what we’d be looking at.

So, we’re making an unplanned visit to the vet today after work. They said they don’t know if they’ll have to restaple her back up (fingers crossed that’s a no), or if they can just let her go as is, but either way, we’re going to make the haul out to the vet’s  office after work.  You know, because life’s always more interesting when it’s complicated. =p


3 responses to “Oh Yeah, It Happened

  1. Lauren + Adam January 24, 2011 at 8:45 am

    HA! Your last sentence made me chuckle…the rest made me cringe! Hang in there, friends.

  2. puppymakes4 January 24, 2011 at 9:10 am

    It’s the truth! And cringe is definitely the applicable word. I cringe every time I see her stomach. Egh…

  3. According to Gus January 25, 2011 at 8:47 am

    Oh no :( Crossing my fingers they didn’t need to restaple!

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