All’s Well

The verdict is in: Scout loves her vet. I was curious if she would be hesitant toward the place after everything she went through the last time she was there. But no. She was perfectly content to trot right inside, throw her front paws up on the counter, and peak over the edge at the receptionists, who she adores. They swoon all over her, and there’s nothing a puppy likes more than to be swooned over. Treats were doled out alongside compliments to her “sweet face” and “pretty color,” and then we marched back into the exam room.

Scout is healing quickly, the vet tech informed me as he propped her up on her hind legs and examined her belly. He was pleased with her progress, and took her to the back to fully remove the two staples that were, by this point, just barely hanging on. I was a) thankful that he didn’t do it front of me, as I had no desire to see exactly how that procedure was done, and b) thankful that Scout behaved herself for it. I listened to the nurses in the back room coo over her, and then she bounded back into the room, happy as a clam.  Nothing fazes this dog’s unflappable good mood.

So I brought her home and tried to keep her calm until bedtime. The remaining three staples will come out on Saturday, and then we plan to let Scout enjoy her new freedom with a play date with her good friend Ranger. I should probably bring the camera to that…she’s going to be thrilled out of her mind to be outside again. Freedom!


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