So That’s How It Is

According to Gus made a great comment on yesterday’s Bathtime Debacle post. “Oooohhh…she was not happy with you! When we were training Gus we found that if he peed once, he normally peed at least once or twice more.” This could not have been more timely.

Last night, we took Scout over to a neighbor’s house so that she and Ranger could play while we ate dinner and watched some basketball with the human folk. She was having a ball, panting and exhausted, when without any warning, she walked right over to me, squatted, and started peeing directly next to me. Of course I freaked out. Scout has never peed in another person’s home, and I was mortified. Thankfully I stopped her before she really got going, but B and I were both pretty upset with her. We couldn’t figure out what made her suddenly have an accident inside, and from how it went down it really didn’t seem like an accident. Our friend was great about it, but still.

I can’t get over the feeling that Scout was rebeling in some way. I’ve read that teenage dogs will have “accidents” because they are trying to push the rule boundary and see how much they can get away with. We marched Scout’s behind home, put her to bed, and then went back to our friend’s to finish the game. Thank goodness that once you’re done with adolescence you never have to do it again.

UPDATE: A friend at work also had a good thought. She suggested that Scout might be being protective, and marking, since she was so close to me. The other dog, Ranger, was being quite friendly with B and I, so this could be a possibility, too. A kind of sweet, but-you-still-peed-in-another-person’s-home, sweet.


2 responses to “So That’s How It Is

  1. According to Gus February 1, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Sounds just like Gus…I think once they get in a rut, they kind of stay there for a bit. There were many times we were afraid Gus was going backwards in his training, but he eventually snapped out of it.

    With a face as cute as Scout’s, I bet you don’t stay mad very long. :)

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