Ode to a Best Friend

Dear Readers,

Hello, my name is Queenie. I’m that one, the one Scout’s sleeping on. Scout is my best friend, and I am Scout’s best friend. We sleep together every night, and when Scout wakes up in the morning, she carries me with her into the kitchen for breakfast. (But I don’t eat anything, since I’m a stuffed animal.)

I do lots of things with Scout. I play fetch. (I’m the ball.) I go from room to room to room with her. I am a devoted follower of my puppy. I am, to date, the only stuffed toy Scout hasn’t decided to rip apart and spit out the stuffing. That’s because she loves me.

So today, when playing a game where Scout throws me up into the air and tries to catch me, I accidentally landed in her water bowl (being stuffed, I don’t have much control over myself), Scout didn’t leave me in the bowl. She promptly carried me into the living room to examine my water-soaked bottom.

Mom had to wring me out and put me in the drier, which made Scout sad. But I’ll be back soon, good as new. Then we can play some more.




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