Scratch That

Apparently B and I are overly observant puppy parents. The vet today was surprised that we even noticed the whelp on Scout’s stomach, which it turns out is nothing. There is, in fact, a lump, but it’s not what we’d imagined it to be (insect/snake/other creature bite, infection from her surgery). The lump is just where Scout’s inside stitches–stitches we didn’t even know existed–are, and they will take up to six months to disintegrate. Who knew?

So Scout is fine, as it turns out, and thoroughly enjoyed her trip to the vet, which she loves way more than any dog should.

I also forgot to recap Scout’s third puppy class. She was the star pupil when it came to walking on a leash in Heel, which was the most ironic thing ever considering we can’t get her to Heel at home with a wad of string cheese and our best pretty-please voices. I told the trainer, “Do not fall for this. She is never like this!” and he said that he’s not surprised that she doesn’t follow the command at home, where she feels most comfortable. In fact, Scout has been downright horrible about Heeling all this week. So that’s why we took up our trainer’s advice and bought a training collar tonight.

I must admit, I’ve got real mixed emotions about this. Part of it is that I feel like we’ve failed to teach Scout how to properly walk on the leash, but I’m clear out of ideas, I’ve read tons of books, and I cannot get her to cooperate. I also have a lot of friends and co-workers who have had great results using the training collar, dogs that were way worse than Scout and are now dream walkers, so I should be hopeful for this new solution. Still, I feel nervous and stressed about it. We’re going to wait and let the trainer help us properly introduce the collar to Scout, so that we don’t go about it wrong and botch these efforts from the start. Fingers crossed, because this family needs to enjoy walking again.


2 responses to “Scratch That

  1. According to Gus February 9, 2011 at 9:06 am

    So glad to hear the whelp was nothing. Believe me, your vet visits will decline after you get more used to Scout and her health issues. And this is coming from HIGHLY paranoid dog parents. :)

  2. Donna and the Dogs February 11, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    Yay! Happy for the good news. I’m the opposite of According to Gus – as two of mine approach seniors, I run to them to the vet for everything!

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