Love Your Training Collars

Training collar, how I love thee.

After using the training collar for the first real time this weekend, I can honestly say that it’s A-mazing. Walking Scout on the collar versus walking her off of it is like night and day. She even listens to commands better when she has the training collar on.

Today we attempted to do something that would have never worked before (and didn’t when we tried): We took Scout on a walk with another couple and their dog. In this case, the dog was Scout’s uber dog-friend, Ranger, who we’ve talked about before. Scout would have never walked with Ranger before; instead she would have been set on making the whole thing into a big play date. But today we were able to walk the two dogs together, and it was actually enjoyable. Let me say, I have not used the words enjoyable in reference to walking Scout since she was maybe 10 weeks old.

Now, in full disclosure, the collar hasn’t made Scout heel. She still walked slightly ahead of me at times, but the leash was loose by my side, which is H.U.G.E. When other dogs or people passed, Scout didn’t make a mad Iditarod-style dash toward them; she stayed next to us, tail wagging furious, begging for the other party to come to her, instead.

You know what made the whole experience a lot more enjoyable? How happy Scout seemed. Granted, Ranger was with us, so Scout was bound to be ecstatic no matter what, but her tail was wagging and she was happy, and that was a great thing to see. So really, this training collar hasn’t just made us enjoy walks more, but it’s made Scout enjoy them, too.

Guess what happened to us! (I know, you have no context from that with which to actually guess. Poor segue on my part…) A few weeks ago, I threw my name in the hat to win some PureBite treats from According to Gus. It was one of those last minute, “oh sure why not?” kind of things that you never expect to win. But we did! And lo and behold, a package of yummy-looking freeze-dried treats came in the mail. How cool is that? We haven’t given Scout the treats yet (because we’ve had family visiting and haven’t had a chance), but we’ll update you once we do. She’s going to love them.


2 responses to “Love Your Training Collars

  1. According to Gus February 21, 2011 at 8:29 am

    Yay! Glad they arrived safe and sound. Beware of the Ocean Fish. We just opened up our package and they are STINKY!

  2. puppymakes4 February 21, 2011 at 11:54 am

    Ohhh. Thanks for the heads up! I’m sure Scout is going to adore them either way :)

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