A Little Less Baby, a Little More Adult

At six months old, Scout has lost all of her puppy looks. She now looks like a miniature Lab. Like a human child, her baby fat has wilted away to reveal a sleek, trim dog underneath it. She’s still got loads of extra skin, like we once shared…

…but we can tell that she’s grown into some of it. There are other changes, too. No longer does she run headfirst into another dog. Now she takes a moment to consider the dog, and in some cases doesn’t dart forward at all. In other words, she’s more discriminatory now. She also doesn’t like every person she sees, as used to be the case. Though its rare to find a stranger Scout won’t love, we’ve learned she doesn’t like the cable guy–in uniform, at least.

Our little girl now barks when people come to the door. Zoey makes mad dashes for the bedroom or under the kitchen table when this happens, as if she’s saying, “Yikes! Keep it down! It’s just a knock at the door.” I love it, though. (We only allow her two barks, then we say Quiet. She’s good about it on her own.) It feels like she’s saying, “Oh boy! Someone new to play with! Hurry, Mom, open the door!” These are adolescent barks, somewhere in between high-pitched chirps and deep grown-up bellows.

But Scout has retained her youthful charm. She still finds joy in sticking her nose into the wind and chasing blowing leaves. Her tail is a much-loved toy. She wakes up happy beyond measure each morning, bounding around the living room, toy in mouth, in total bliss at the start of a new day. (She has become very talented at running around with the toy in her mouth and simultaneously making the toy squeak at ear-splitting volumes.) Food is still king, and Queenie is still her first love (toy wise). And I don’t think she’ll ever stop trying to win Zoey’s love. And that might be the best quality about Scout, the fact that she truly believes everyone is good and worth loving–even if they do smack your face with a paw every time you try to give them a kiss.


4 responses to “A Little Less Baby, a Little More Adult

  1. Donna and the Dogs February 24, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    The joys of growing up! I bet she keeps that youthful charm through all of her years – and one day Zoey will give in to her, and you’ll find them snuggling. :-)

  2. According to Gus February 25, 2011 at 7:08 am

    We always marveled at puppy Gus’s extra skin…it felt like he was going to grow forever! It is so amazing to see how much Scout has changed/grown!

  3. nana February 26, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    What a perfectly lovely little lady!

  4. Bill Leath February 26, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    Bet Bryan doesn’t listen as well.. ha ha ha :-)

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