A Day at the Trail

Today we fulfilled a personal milestone. We took Scout to the trail. This has always been something I really looked forward to, ever since puppy lust grabbed hold of me, years ago. There is a wonderful paved trail right down the road from where we live, and I always wanted a dog to walk with me. Every time we’d pass a dog walking calmly by his or her owner’s side, I’d say to B how much I wanted a dog, and he would roll his eyes and say something like, “I want a toilet seat made out of solid gold, but we don’t always get what we want.” I think this is from Austin Powers or something. We’d laugh, and I’d go on wanting a dog and bothering him about it.

You know how that story ended :) B really loves me.

So today we finally felt confident enough in Scout to bring her with us to the trail. The weather was beautiful and perfect for it. I won’t say we weren’t nervous, because we both were. There are a plethora of distractions for a puppy on the trail: new smells out the wazoo, bikers, roller bladers, joggers, children, and of course other dogs. We didn’t know how, even with her training collar, she would do.

But Scout pulled through with flying colors, and we are quite proud of her. She really enjoyed it, and walked calmly beside us the entire time. We didn’t go our normal length, since this was Scout’s first time and we didn’t know how far she’d go before tiring, so we walked a half an hour total. This seemed like a good amount. Scout was tired when we got home, but not exhausted (she had enough energy left for a good game of fetch).

Now that we know Scout can walk well enough to handle the trail, we can start bringing her more. Now when we see people looking at us and our dog as we walk by, I’m on the other side of the coin, smiling back, with a dog by my side.



2 responses to “A Day at the Trail

  1. According to Gus February 28, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Sounds like a great day! Way to go, Scout!

  2. Donna and the Dogs February 28, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    Great job Scout! (and Mommy and Daddy for training her that way!) The better you behave, the more places you get to go!!

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