Take ‘Em While You Can

This past week has been a somewhat “golden” time in our house. It must be something in the water, but both Scout and Zoey have been soooo well behaved! (I know, I’m jinxing it.) While walking Scout last night, B and I mentioned that this probably means we should expect another growth spurt,  including a bout of adolescent defiance, before Scout hits a year old. Though we know she’s still growing, it seems to have slowed a lot, or at least that’s how it seems to us. We talk all the time about predicting what weight she’ll end up at: 50 pounds? 55? 60? Scout’s mom weighed in at a petite 50…

Mama Dog

while her father was between 60 and 65, stocky and regal.

Dad Dog

We laugh because Scout completely has her mom’s statuesque posture, but she has her dad’s coloring. See those light-colored stripes down her dad’s shoulders? Scout has those, too! You can see them pretty well in this photo. It looks kind of like a trick of the light or like we airbrushed her:

Yes, she sits like that. Last night she even fell asleep on her bed like that. Zoey gives her crazy looks. She just doesn’t understand the Scoutimus Maximus. So for right now we’re enjoying a relative amount of peace before the inevitable flood of life’s zaniness returns.


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