Scout Hearts Spring

Spring is here. The quintessential storms that hit each day have arrived, except we’re currently experiencing a huge storm that’s lasted for days and given us a ton of rain. Scout’s upside? Worms. That’s right, worm eating is back.

I first wrote about Scout’s obsession with the dried up worms that curl around themselves on the hot concrete on October 7, 2010. Scout had just come home. I had naively thought she would give up eating all the gross things she consumed back when she was too young to be discretionary. Ha! With all the rain we’ve been getting, Scout has been loving to scoop up worms–dead and semi-dead–during our walks. Except now she’s old enough to down them in a snap, before I can even get a chance to think about stopping her. She is thrilled by this fact. She must have consumed every worm we passed on our walk yesterday at lunch.

Of course, she also loves that the storms knock down ample amounts of tree limbs for her to chew on. This also hasn’t changed since she was little. Remember these days, around 12 weeks old?

Yum, stick. Now, Scout will grab a limb at the beginning of our walk and carry it with her around the block before depositing it back in the same location she first picked it up from. This makes me laugh. She is never more proud then when she’s carrying something. So spring and Scout are good friends right now, as long as she could avoid the rain, which she has never been a fan of.


One response to “Scout Hearts Spring

  1. According to Gus March 10, 2011 at 8:11 am

    Ha! I love how she drops it off where she picked it up. Smart dogger!

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