Another Tennis Ball Goes Down

Down for the count, that is. Scout has destroyed another one. She followed me to the trash can, eyes pleading, “Please, Mom. I really like it. Please give it back.” No can do. Maybe if she didn’t eat the leftover pieces, but that doesn’t happen. Down the hatch they go, edible or not.

Scout’s chewing/eating prowess has continued to impress us. Not including the two tennis balls she’s quietly and efficiently dismantled in the past few days, she’s also destroyed practically every stuffed toy she has ever had: a York peppermint patty, a globe ball, a yellow squeaky dog, a duck, a gingerbread man, a lion, a rabbit, and on and on…). She’s also destroyed the green bone my uncle gave her for Christmas, a set of Nylabone keys, a red star, five Frisbees…

What hasn’t Scout eaten? So far, a super-hard Nylabone we got her about a week or so ago. She hasn’t put a dent in it, but she’s also not as into it as her other toys. We suspect this is because she’s not making much headway on it. In other words, no destruction = no fun. Oh, and a Kong ball that seems indestructible. Gus and Donna both mentioned a website a few weeks ago that B and I should check out, and though we’ve got it bookmarked, we haven’t had a chance to really explore it. When we do, you’ll hear about how those toys stand up to Scout’s vicious teething. The amazing thing is that all this stuff doesn’t upset her stomach. Now that’s a stomach of steel.

And you want to know something funny? Scout won’t touch our belongings, shoes included, as long as we keep them off the floor. Remember a while back when I had that one single day of leaving my Danskos on the floor? I learned my lesson. I’ve never left a shoe on the floor since, and Scout won’t touch them if I set them in a chair. I find that hilarious, as it would be soo easy for her to just slip them off the chair (her head is well above chair height now) and gobble them up. But no. She leaves them alone. Same for the coffee table, dining room table, and countertop. (I’ve probably just jinxed us to bits…)

Now, leave a towel or washcloth on the floor in the bathroom, and Scout is thrilled. She likes to carry them to us. Not chew them, but carry them out of the bathroom and deposit them at our feet. “Here, Mom. You need to hang this up.” Thanks, dear, I’m on it.


One response to “Another Tennis Ball Goes Down

  1. According to Gus March 15, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    lol…she obviously thinks anything left on the floor is fair game. :)

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