Our Pet-Children are Special

Everybody’s got their moments. There was just a few minutes ago, when Zoey attempted to use the litter box for #2 and missed. The entire litter box. You read that right. She even tried to cover it up by pawing at the carpet. Bonus points for effort, Zo.

There was the time when Scout was around 14 weeks old. I was walking her, and she suddenly got this wild hair, starting racing ahead, and ran smack into a handicapped parking sign. (Irony?) It even made the Dong! sound straight out of a Loonie Toons cartoon. She acted like nothing happened. (It barely slowed her down.)

There was the time Zoey was sick after having a bad reaction to her annual vaccinations. She climbed into the litter box backward, head inside, butt sticking out, and peed. We watched from the couch, dumbstruck, as the little spout arched right onto the mat we kept underneath the litter box. We gave her a free pass since she was sick. Poor thing just turned and walked away afterward, as if all was normal.

And there was just a moment ago, after Zoey missed the litter box (this seems to be her trend, when these “special” moments hit once in a blue moon), when Scout sniffed it and went berzerk, bouncing around the house before slamming straight into the bedroom door. Wham! She froze and looked straight at me like, “What was that?”

You tell me kid, you’re the one that ran into the door. If B were home, he’d say this out loud to her. I can hear it now.

Our pet-children have moments when they’re extra special. And we love them anyway.


2 responses to “Our Pet-Children are Special

  1. Donna and the Dogs March 31, 2011 at 6:57 pm

    A good example of times when you wished you had a video camera in your hands. LOL!

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