Zoey = Priceless

Poor Zoey. She’s a good sport, and is kindly allowing me to post about her latest…predicament.

So imagine if you will having hair on your nether region. (Honestly, what did you think I was going to be writing about? It seems like everything involving Scout and Zo lately involves waste…)  Sometimes, by no fault of your own, something might get…caught…as you attempt to neatly take care of your business in your litter box. So what do you do, but scrape the offending object off, and if it happens to fall on the carpet next to Dad’s shoes, well then, hey, so be it. Luck of the draw.

This scenario apparently played out at some point today while B and I were at work. Just a few minutes ago, as we got ready for bed, B said, “A, I think there’s doodie on the floor.” (I could have edited what he really said, you know, come up with something more adult, but we’re going for true honesty here at APM4, and this is what he said.) So I came out of the bathroom to look, and lo and behold there’s a small, neat little “accident” on the floor.

I swear we couldn’t have scripted this better. We are both standing there, having just nanoseconds ago spotted the “accident,” when Zoey comes tearing through the house, leaps over the baby gate, and barrels over to where we’re standing. She throws on the cat brakes and starts furiously attempting to cover up the “accident”, litter-box-pawing-on-the-carpet style.

B and I burst out laughing. I am crying from laughing so hard. She stares at us, wild-eyed, ears back, and B, who often likes to speak out loud for the girls, says in his Zoey voice, “Nobody saw it, nobody saw it,” as she furiously paws at the carpet.

And then she’s gone, just as quickly as she’d come. A drive-by Zoeying.

Where did we get this lucky? These kids are priceless hilarity.


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