Oh, No She Didn’t

Oh, yes she did.

As we said before, today is Scout’s eight-month birthday. So we thought, being the nice parents we are, we should get her a new bed for her crate. She’s been using the same blanket since we brought her home, and it’s gotten a bit, well, loved and worn looking. She was in need of something new.

So we bought a nice, shiny $40 memory foam dog bed today and brought it home, exceptionally pleased with ourselves. When we left (to take a look at our new place!), we put Scout “to bed” and she was genuinely surprised. “What’s this! No blanket! Neat!”

Dear God, but this did not prepare us for what we’d come home to. Scout loved her new bed. A little too much.

That’s right, she ripped this new, wonderful bed to shreds.

Oh, the pain.

But not for Scout. She was just as excited as always to see us. And because she would in no way connect our yelling at her to the fact that her bed was in pieces, we didn’t yell at her. We just let her out, and quietly cleaned it up, fuming under our breath and cursing the $40 bed we’d just bought.

Then we put that ratty blanket she loves back in her crate, and swore we wouldn’t buy her another bed until she was securely, really securely out of the puppy phase.


One response to “Oh, No She Didn’t

  1. Maureen O'Danu April 18, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    I’ve found that blankets work best throughout doggie life, especially the quilted ones. They’re easy to clean and hard to chew up. Perfect combination.

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