Scout, Meet Your New House

We brought Scout with us to the new casa Monday night. She was so excited. We took video of it, and will post it as soon as we have time to edit it up. We made her sit before she could enter (a Cesar trick to help show her that the house belongs to us and that we’re still in charge despite the new location). She could barely contain herself–her rump was up and down, up and down, it was too much excitement! Just let me in, Mom! Agh! That’s what she looked like she was saying.

Once we let her inside, she peeled around, sniffing every inch of surface area she could. She paid special attention to the spot where the previous family’s dog crate was located. She was afraid of the stairs, and whined at me until she worked up the courage to bound up them, which was hilarious. She ran up them as if she was high-tailing it away from a fire.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to let her outside since it was really dark out, and we wanted to keep an eye on her. We’re pretty sure she’d going to eat every rose in bloom–she has a habit of biting flowers off bushes. It makes her incredibly happy to do this.

Another interesting event: As B was changing the front door locks to the new ones we’d just bought, Scout dutifully watched the front yard from the glass storm door. A neighbor’s cat walked by, and Scout started growling at it! This really surprised us, as Scout has never growled at a cat before. She’s seen other cats beside Zo, and always acts as if she wants to be friends with them. But not this one! She wanted it to know that we were here, and this was our house! (Two days later, we spotted the same cat and two more lounging in our back yard. Scout’s going to have a field day. This should be entertaining. Our goal is to keep her from getting scratched.)

As for Zoey, she won’t come over until moving day, April 29th. I’m sure we’ve mentioned before that Zoey doesn’t travel well, so the ride over will be traumatic for her. Hopefully a few quiet days in our bedroom will help her acclimate. Pictures and video coming soon, promise!


One response to “Scout, Meet Your New House

  1. Donna and the Dogs April 21, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    How exciting for you and Scout! Can’t believe she protecting the new pad already! LOL!
    Yeah, cats don’t like moving. Fingers crossed that Zoey acclimates quickly.

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