Countdown to the Big Move

These photos were taken a while ago, when we had Ranger over for a visit. He and Scout are such good buddies. Ranger even knows when his parent, L, is walking him over to see Scout–he heads directly for our stairs and bounds right to our door!

Ranger loves to swim, so we’re planning to have him and L over at the new place. Hopefully he will help Scout love the water, too. She hasn’t been swimming before, and we’re anxious to see how she likes it. Being a lab, we’re pretty sure that she’ll take right to the water, but you never know. Don’t you love Ranger’s wonky ear in the photo above? We tease him about his ears all the time :)

Scout is about to give Ranger “kisses.” She’s very affectionate toward him.

The big move to the new place is on Friday, so after that we’ll have tons of new images and video to share as Scout and Zoey explore their new home. We bought Zoey a new cat carrier (we gave our old one away back in November when this little guy came into our lives) that has a little pouch in the ceiling of the carrier with pheromones inside that are supposed to help calm her. We’ll see. If any cat can put that proposition to the test, it’s Zoey :)


One response to “Countdown to the Big Move

  1. Donna and the Dogs April 29, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    I hope Scout enjoys the water! I think I have the only Lab that doesn’t enjoy swimming!
    Looking forward to seeing pics of the new place, and fingers crossed that the pheromones are helpful to Zoey.

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