Wherefore Art Thou, Camera?

We can’t keep track of the camera. I swear, every time we see a moment that we want to catch on (digital) film, we can’t find it!

Like the other day after we grilled corn to go with dinner. Zoey has had a long love affair with corn. She loves it. Straight off the cob, freshly cooked and smelling delightful, the cat cannot resist. So while I was showering one morning, B heard a loud noise downstairs. Now remember, we haven’t lived here even a week yet, and B was suspicious, so he grabbed something to hit someone with and crept downstairs. What did he find but the trash can overturned and Zoey halfway inside, chewing madly on a corn cob from the previous night’s dinner. Priceless! No camera to be found.

Or last night, when I let Scout out to go to the bathroom and she stood there, frozen solid. One of the neighbor’s cats was crouching just behind the top of the fence, with only her nose and eyes peeking out above the wood. The look she gave Scout was hilarious, especially with just her nose and eyes visible. I yelled for the camera. MIA.

But there have been some moments we’ve caught. Like this sweet moment when we unpacked Queenie and Scout took her immediately to the rug (and began ripping the stuffing out of her, but hey, it was done out of love).

Or when Scout and Zoey followed me around like shadows on Sunday while I unpacked.

Or random moments of Scout out in the yard.

Eating something.

And eating something again.

Scout is never not eating when she’s in the yard. We’re going to have to pull out our list of plants that are poisonous to dogs and make sure we don’t have any, because Scout loves to get her greens in.

She’ll even stop to consider the concrete, but even Scout has better taste than that. Now the mulch on the other hand…

And at the end of a long day, we all settle in for a nice comfy place to nap.


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