Sunday Update

So far, Scout has not had any worms. We’ve been watching obsessively. She’s supervised 24/7 when she’s outside, and we’ve been trying hard (though unsuccessfully) to keep her out of the mulch/cat litter box areas of the yard.

The only scare we had was on Saturday morning. I was out with Scout letting her do her business, but when she squatted a mass of little white things came pouring out of her, and I freaked. I was thinking, “Oh, no, not only does she have worms, but she has the worst case of worms in history!” But when we examined closer (with gloves and holding our breath–what a gross part of parenthood!) we realized that these were not worms. They were tiny, 100% symmetrical, translucent plastic white balls that looked like really small cut-up spaghetti pieces. We stood there for a moment, trying to contemplate what it was she could have eaten. The convo went something like this.

B: What in the world could she have gotten in to?

A and B in unison a half-second later: Queenie!

Yes, after we moved we gave Queenie back to Scout. You may recall that she had previously de-stuffed Queenie, so she hasn’t seen her in a while as we thought about whether or not to give her back for imminent full destruction. Apparently, the previous night while we were out celebrating B’s graduation (this past Saturday, hooray!), Scout was busy at home in her crate, carefully removing every last little pebble from Queenie’s bottom. You see, Queenie used to have these little balls in her feet and bottom that acted as weights. I have no idea the technical terms or anything, but I’m sure you are all familiar with certain stuffed toys that have “beans” in them instead of stuffing. Queenie was so cool she had both. And Scout discovered this Friday night, and very meticulously (because we never saw any evidence of this), ate every one. And then disposed of them in the morning, scaring me to bits.

Later that Saturday, we had family and friends over to celebrate after the official ceremony, and one of our friends, L, just so happens to be 6-foot-9. How convenient, for L was tall enough to peer into our neighbor’s yard and see that they do not have the 6 cats we’d previously counted. They have 11, including two that look to be around three-months-old, and I would guess are our bearers of the worm deposits.

We’re still working out our plan of action, other than de-mulching the yard and getting the grass to fill in the areas. We’ve tried Critter Ridder; though effective, it lasted all of 24 hours. Tonight I mixed some cayenne pepper into the mulch. I’ve heard that animals don’t like cayenne. It’s not keeping Scout away, but she likes Tabasco (which we tried when she was little and nipping a lot), so I’m not surprised.

As we all know, Scout will eat (and apparently digest) anything.


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